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Can Bridge Farm stay as a community asset? 

By Jackson Moulding

The latest Bristol Good Food story is an update about Bridge Farm from Jackson Moulding, Director of Ashley Vale Action Group. Find out how you can help the farm achieve its long-term vision of creating a sustainable and inclusive space for all.

Have you been to Bridge Farm? If not, you’ll find it up a cobbled track with the entrance nestled in under the M32. Lining the track are beautiful old stone barns, leading up to a south facing slope, stretching up towards Purdown. 

Bridge Farm is more than just a piece of land; it is a testament to collective dreams and aspirations. Spanning 3.58 acres, the farm is a dynamic blend of sustainable farming practices, community building endeavors, educational initiatives, and holistic well-being pursuits.

At its core, Bridge Farm is a canvas upon which a story is painted of resilience, growth, and shared purpose.

Our initiatives include:

  • A tree nursery
  • Communal grower area
  • Perennial vegetable nursery
  • Edible forest garden

These projects not only nourish our bodies but also feed our souls, fostering a deeper connection to the land and the food we consume. Additionally, our barns serve as lively hubs for workshops, training sessions and communal activities, nurturing a sense of belonging and unity within our community.

Looking ahead, those who have gathered around the farm have ambitious plans to further develop the site, including the construction of new cohousing homes aimed at creating a sustainable living environment that promotes collaboration and shared resources. This expansion reflects the commitment to nurturing sustainable lifestyles and bringing us closer to nature and to each other.

However, the farm currently faces a pressing challenge that requires immediate attention. The need to repay our original lenders, who facilitated the purchase of the land, looms large on the horizon. While the sale of the farmhouse offers a partial solution, we need to raise significant further funds alongside this to ensure the continuity of the farm’s mission into the future.

Ashley Vale Action Group (AVAG), along with those at the farm, are working closely with Bristol Community Land Trust (BCLT), to secure funding through the Community Ownership Fund. This funding will enable BCLT to purchase the farm, thereby retaining the land and buildings in community control. 

This is where your support can make a profound difference. By joining hands with Bridge Farm, you become a part of a community-driven endeavour that is not only transforming landscapes but also changing lives. We have a Crowdfund set up to provide the match funding needed for our Community Ownership Fund bid.

As well as raising essential funds, an important aspect of the Crowdfunder is to demonstrate the level of wider community support for the farm. You can really help here, by adding your name to the Crowdfund, and helping us find others to add their names too. If you can’t afford much, even donating £1 so your name can be on the list, and then finding other people to do the same, would be perhaps the most important way that you can make a difference.

Your support will not only help the farm meet its immediate financial obligations, but also help us achieve the long-term vision of creating a sustainable and inclusive space for all. 

Please check out the Bridge Farm Crowdfunder.

If you would like to visit, please come along to a volunteer day to say hi. The amazing wood fired pizza nights have started up again on Thursday evenings. So please come and eat with us and have a look around. You can find out more on our website.

Bridge Farm will also be open for the Get Growing Trail on Sunday 16 June from 11am to 4pm.

There are lots of ways to be more actively involved in the farm, so please do get in touch via our website if you would like to find out more. 

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