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Food Leaders digital course launched!

By Jo Ingleby

The Food Leaders programme is now available as a digital course – hear from Jo Ingleby, Director of The Children’s Kitchen about how to get involved.

Food Leaders is a train-the-trainer programme for training people working in the community to lead food education workshops, demonstrations, and events with their projects. For the first time, the course is available online, meaning more and more people can become trained Food Leaders, and empower their communities with improved food skills and knowledge. The digital course was created with Eight Media and is funded by the NHS Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board to address food inequality-related health issues.

The course covers key aspects needed to facilitate inspiring and safe sessions, including positive food stories, inclusive food sessions, using community venues, and cooking for large numbers. The course does not teach the learner to cook; they must already be confident in the kitchen. Instead, it gives the support and resources that are appropriate and relevant for the local community. The course is intended for people who work with groups who are a risk of food insecurity, such as charities, food projects, faith, or health-based groups, or working with children and young people. The course consists of five modules, each with a different theme and reflective questions to complete.
After finishing the course, learners are invited to join the Food Leaders online community where they can stay in touch with other food projects and key organisations to gather advice and share news and ideas.

The Food Leaders programme is led by some of Bristol’s leading food educators: The Children’s Kitchen, Square Food Foundation, 91 Ways, Travelling Kitchen, Coexist Community Kitchen, and chefs Josh Eggleton and Adrian Kirikmaa.

Together, they share over 100 years of food education and hospitality industry experience with the Food Leaders, to develop the skills and confidence to increase food activities and opportunities across the city. The course began as an in-person programme and has now trained over 70 people across the city to be Food Leaders. The in-person course will continue to run alongside the digital programme, which will enable more organisations to be involved. The
course aims to upskill communities as a response to food and health inequalities identified in the Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan.

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