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50 Ways To Cook grow kit

By Alex Montgomery

50 Ways To Cook is launching a new Bristol-based grow kit to make growing organic food more accessible and affordable, even in small spaces. The kit contains everything you need to start, including organic seeds, compost, simple instructions, and recipe cards.

With Brexit, lockdowns, and now the cost-of-living crisis, we’re seeing a decline in the consumption of fresh foods. Our goal is to make accessing fresh fruit, veg, and herbs easier, regardless of circumstances.

With the pandemic turning more peoples’ interest to health and well-being, we can all benefit tremendously by spending five minutes daily placing our phone down and finding a watering can.

The cost-of-living crisis now means, on average, people need to spend half of their disposable income on food to achieve a healthy diet. Eating ultra-processed food impacts your mental and physical health, and these kits are designed to help people eat better while being a fun and mindful activity that anyone can enjoy.

Nothing out there makes it really easy to grow your own organic food. Getting all the compost, seeds, and pots can be tricky if you don’t have a car, particularly living in a city like Bristol.

The kits are designed for everyone, from young children to experienced gardeners. They are also incredibly flexible, and you can choose a one-off purchase or subscribe to receive a monthly kit with new seeds in each box.

Alongside the kits, we are also very active across social media and on our website, providing tips and tricks and space for growers to share their successes and friendly support. As an ex-chef and now avid gardener, I post regularly with gardening tips and tricks and delicious recipes.

50 Ways To Cook was born during lockdown when my flatmate and I started growing and cooking our produce to keep us entertained. However, it has since grown into a social enterprise encouraging as many people as possible to grow and cook fresh food. Seeing how much produce can be grown in small spaces such as flats, windowsills, balconies, or small gardens was crazy. While we had plenty of time to research how to grow our food during lockdown, life has gotten busier, so 50 Ways To Cook is here to help.

I’m keen to help others grow and cook their own food to improve our relationship with nature. With a focus on people and planet, our kits prioritise the environment. They are completely compostable, from cardboard and paper packaging to natural compost and fertiliser. Cut out the faff of buying everything separately and order our easy-to-use kits. No more throwing away half-full bags of compost and salad.

The kits will be launching in early August and we are running an Instagram competition with five completely free kits up for grabs

Everyone should be able to grow their own food, regardless of their budget or access to space. Our kits are a great way to get started, and we’re confident you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to grow your own food.

The kits will be going on sale in early August and will be available on the 50 Ways To Cook website. Subscribe to the 50 Ways To Cook newsletter.

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