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Thrive at Night

By Ramona Andrews

Bristol Nights has launched the new initiative Thrive at Night, to provide mental health and well-being support to Bristol’s night-time economy workers. 

People working from 6pm-6am regularly have disturbed sleep patterns, higher rates of depression and anxiety, and poorer health indicators than the daytime working population.

Recognising the need for additional support, following a difficult few years, the comprehensive program offers a range of mental health resources and training to those who work during the evening and night in Bristol.

Thrive at Night will provide free mental health training sessions for local hospitality businesses, including bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The workshops will cover nine topics, including: stress management, how to create a mentally healthy workplace and to be a compassionate leader, reacting to a serious incident and how to support employees who may be self-medicating as a reaction to stress.

Additionally, the program will provide organisations with the tools and support they need to create and implement their own mental health and wellbeing policy.

Visit the Bristol Nights website for information and resources on Thrive at Night.

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