Good Food Governance

How to develop a Good Food Plan for your organisation

By Ramona Andrews

This month, Bristol Green Capital Partnership relaunches the ‘how to’ guide for creating a Good Food Plan for Bristol organisations, a joint guide coordinated by the Partnership, Bristol Food Network and Bristol City Council. Find out how organisations can get involved by producing their own Good Food Plan with the support of this guide.


At Bristol Food Network we have been communicating about how the way we produce, buy, cook, eat and throw away food is important for health, communities and the economy for many years. We will continue to do so for as long as it takes to create the positive and inclusive food culture in Bristol that we dream of.
Bristol’s organisations are, of course, an important part of this change, given their far-reaching influence on the city. A Good Food Plan is a policy document that provides clear aims and commitments on food for your organisation to work towards. The guide shows how to make the most of your influence, whatever the organisation’s size or industry. Mapping different groups that you have influence over will help you focus efforts and consider what actions each group should take and how best to reach them.
The guide is part of the wider Bristol Good Food 2030 work, which includes the Bristol Good Food 2030 Action Plans – a set of priorities and initiatives that aim to make Bristol’s food system better for people and communities, climate and nature, workers and businesses. Bristol Good Food 2030 will set out a Framework for action up to 2030, and a set of detailed Action Plans to 2024, that consider the whole food system and how the different parts of it, and people within it, interact, affect and depend on each other.
The guide sets out seven steps for creating a Good Food Plan. First, looking at your suppliers, caterers and service providers, and any awards and accreditations they have. Next, involving key staff members and ‘ways in’ with senior staff, then mapping influences, setting goals, writing it all down, sharing and monitoring progress.
If you have put together a Good Food Plan in your organisation, we at Bristol Food Network would love to shout about what you are doing – please let us share your story!
You can download a graphics pack for logos and more to help tell Bristol that you’re part of Bristol Good Food. Please get in touch to tell us what you’re doing and find out how you can feature on the Bristol Good Food 2030 website.

Download the guide to developing a Good Food Plan for your organisation.

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