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Aid Box Cook-along: Bringing Hope and Love Through Food

By Aid Box Community team and Pam Lloyd PR

Aid Box Community, a Bristol charity offering support to refugees and asylum seekers, has launched its Aid Box Cook-along classes.

The live cookery lessons will showcase cuisines from all around the world, taught by refugee cooks combined with the skills of some of Bristol’s most loved chefs. The classes offer a fun and engaging way to learn international cooking skills while simultaneously discovering the stories behind them. The cookery lessons are available on the Aid Box Community website.

The two-hour online cookery classes will cover cuisines from Ghana to Nicaragua, from Syria to Mauritius and many places in between. The cooks will be giving you a taste of their favourite foods with each chef accompanied by Bristol celebrity chefs, including Josh Eggleton from The Pony and trap, Ben Harvey from Bianchi’s Group, author Jenny Chandler, BBC Chef of the Year 2015 Jo Ingleby, grill expert Genevieve Taylor, and food and drinks columnists Fiona Beckett and Xanthe Clay.

The live cook-along classes, filmed from The Pony and Trap’s new demo kitchen, will take place from 1 March, every Wednesday for 8 weeks. Individual sessions are priced at £30 with discounts for group bookings. For those eager to try all eight lessons, tickets can be purchased as a group at just £20 each (£160 in total). The classes are designed for people to take part from the comfort of their own kitchens. The sessions will be recorded, allowing people to watch back at a later date.

The Aid Box Cook-along classes provide a unique experience for a loved one, whilst giving back to a wonderful cause. The perfect gift for any occasion. We know first-hand how great some of the dishes created by our refugee chefs are and once partnered with some of Bristol’s best hospitality talent, the outcomes will be truly magical. We’re also proud to say that 100% of the profits will be going to Aid Box Community.

Aid Box Community offers support, supplies and sanctuary to refugees and asylum seekers living in Bristol. Based on Cheltenham Road, the charity provides high-quality donated living essentials, access to emotional support, and practical help such as signposting, as well as respite from the hostility, poverty and ill health refugees and asylum seekers can experience.

To date, Aid Box has supported over 3500 service users in and around Bristol in the last year alone, many with dependents who have also benefitted from its services.

A service user says,“It’s a kind of new family. Every time I am in town, sometimes I just pass by just to say hello, to meet the people, you know, to smile… because you can’t imagine when you are somewhere where you don’t have anyone to smile and to laugh with you. So, this is really our place, it’s our house, it’s a way really, we feel that we are human.”

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