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Feeding Bristol to host conference to help shape a resilient food system for the city

By Ped Asgarian

Ped Asgarian

Feeding Bristol is the lead on the Food Equality action area of Bristol’s Going for Gold Sustainable Food Places bid. The new director at the charity, Ped Asgarian, invites you to a vitally important conference on 11th November to be part of shaping Bristol’s resilient food system

Update on 4th November: Regrettably, Feeding Bristol have taken the decision to postpone this event due to the new lockdown.  While the event was due to be held online, they felt it prudent to postpone it as some of the speakers and some of the attendees would be involved in increased food provision during this time. 

Something that no-one ever thought would happen… happened – out of the blue and it affected each and every one of us.  The real question is “what did the COVID-19 crisis teach us about our food systems and how can we use those lessons to create a positive, tangible and sustainable food future?” The time is now!

The cracks in the UK food system were exposed; the responses were phenomenal but we have to do more. While this conference will look at the short and medium term responses, what we want to achieve is to create those building blocks which will drive resilience in the food system and help to shape how Bristol can be at the forefront of that movement. We have learnt from the cracks and now need to find solutions to drive forward change.

We are a relatively small city, but with a big heart – we can make that difference together.  Come and join us to create that better food future.

This conference will focus on four timeframes:

  • The initial food crisis and response from lockdown on 23 March 2020 to mid-April
  • The mid-term response and how the city responded from the period mid-April to June
  • Moving on from the crisis – what happens next?
  • Bristol is moving forward as a food resilient city towards 2030 – we need you to be part of that movement!

The conference will be live-streamed allowing people to participate from wherever they wish. The content and timing of sessions is such that people can pick and choose the sessions they are interested in, whether that is just one or all four.

We are planning breaks between the sessions to allow those participating remotely to have time away from their device.

Please register to attend via Eventbrite:

Date: 11 November 2020 (Update on 4th November: this event has now been postponed).
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: Online event so from the comfort of your own chair at home! 

Feeding Bristol was founded in response to a statement made by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, when he said publicly “no child should go to school hungry”. In the summer of 2017 Feeding Bristol was launched. Feeding Bristol gained charitable status on 19th March 2018, and is chaired by a board with representatives from local businesses, food charities, local food growers and the local council.

Bristol Going for Gold joins together individuals, organisations and policymakers behind a shared ambition of making Bristol a Gold Sustainable Food City. As a city, we can achieve this through better interconnectivity in our food community and by giving each and every person in Bristol the inspiration and knowledge needed to be part of a food system that’s good for people, planet and our city.

Though this vision for Bristol’s food system remains unchanged, the food landscape everywhere has altered drastically in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about how Bristol Going for Gold has responded, and how you can be part of a resilient food community.

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