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Get involved in a short film by the Soil Association inspiring people to come together through food

By Isaac Hopkins

Food for Life Get Togethers are regular community events that connect people from all ages and backgrounds through food. Isaac Hopkins from the Soil Association invites participants of Get Togethers in Bristol and beyond to grab a camera and contribute to a short user-generated film in celebration of food and communities.

We want to make a short film that inspires people to get involved in food-based community activities as part of Food for Life Get Togethers (Get Togethers). Take a look at the Soil Association website for inspiration about how to connect with people over good food, from joining our digital community to taking part in a socially distanced event.

We want to share stories and experiences of why it’s so important to bring people together through food. We’re looking to explore themes of meeting new people, socialising with people from different cultures or generations, trying or cooking new foods, awareness of where food comes from, and learning something new about food or people in the same community.

We will share the film on social media and on the Food for Life Get Togethers website.

What we’re asking for from you!

If you are organising or participating in a Get Together, we would love to see a short video (between one and five minutes) taken on your phone (or camera if you have one). It can be taken in an informal space such as your home, garden, community space – wherever you currently are or have access to.  It doesn’t need to be overly rehearsed or polished, but please have a look at the short video below for things to think about such as lighting and background noise:

It can be just you, talking to camera, or you can film other people* taking part in a food activity such as cooking or eating together – even if they are doing that over a phone or computer with others not there.

If you are organising or taking part in a virtual event (such as cooking, growing or sharing a meal by Zoom or Skype) or a household food activity that goes onto connect with people of different generations or backgrounds locally, it would be great to film some of it so we can show these activities as they’re happening.

* Please note: If you are filming and other people will be visible, you will need to get their permission to appear in the film. If they are children, then you will need permission from their parent/guardian.

If you have organised or attended Get Togethers in the past, we would love to hear your thoughts on it – why you think it’s important to come together, to connect, and your personal reflections or thoughts on your experience such as the difference it made, things you remember and how you felt afterwards.

Please hold up a piece of paper at the start of the filming that clearly says your name and your organisation (if relevant). Please write this in large writing so that it is visible. It won’t appear in the final film, but will help us to know who you are!

Next steps

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Cat in our Comms team on cdickie@soilassociation.org. Videos can be sent through Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other cloud-based storage system. Video files will most likely be too large to attach to email. Cat can provide permission forms too.

Please send your videos by Monday 6th July 2020.

Isaac Hopkins is Engagement Officer for Food For Life Get Togethers at The Soil Association, the organic certification body and leading food and farming charity based in Bristol.

Visit Bristol Food Network for information and resources on Bristol’s Good Food response to the pandemic. There are also more resources relating to cooking on the Bristol Food Network website.

You can still sign up to Bristol Going for Gold and continue logging actions linked to your community and take part in #BristolFoodKind. Follow the hashtag to get practical ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow food at home in a way that is considerate to yourself and the wider community. Post your own ideas and tips using #BristolFoodKind to inspire others.

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