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#BristolFoodKind: highlights so far

By Ramona Andrews

#BristolFoodKind is a campaign to create a community of acts of kindness through food during the lockdown. This community is sharing practical ideas about how you can buy food, reduce waste and grow from home, in a way that is considerate to yourself and your community at a time of crisis.

This blog post shows some of the best of #BristolFoodKind that has emerged so far in each of our three themes, plus acts of kindness from some of the city’s wonderful community food responders.

We hope you are inspired to shop, save, grow and be #BristolFoodKind.

Be part of the community and share your #BristolFoodKind actions.

Support local food


Thanks a bunch, NHS!

Wilde has partnered with the Bristol Royal Infirmary to help support our amazing, hard-working NHS staff by delivering fresh, nutritious fruit straight to staff rooms.

Show your support by giving a sustainable and healthy option to people working tirelessly to save lives while putting their own at risk. £1 will donate a bunch of bananas and other fruit to a staff room in the Bristol Royal Infirmary and St. Michael’s Hospital.

Add a donation to your next veg box delivery and help people on the front line.

Reduce food waste


  • Banana peel burgers
  • Freezing spinach on the turn for future meals
  • Re-growing mint from shop bought stem
  • Potato peel crisps
  • Beetroot and parsnip röstis to use up yesterday’s leftovers!
  • Make your own wormery to compost your food scraps
  • Throw your leftover greens and herbs in with frozen peas and a few other ingredients for a chilled soup.

Grow your own


  • From experienced growers to complete beginners, more and more people in the city are growing food!
  • DIY salad bar from an old gutter
  • Using old packaging for propagation – sowing into used milk cartons and using broken takeaway containers to create a mini-greenhouse.

Acts of community kindness


Bristol has been voted the kindest city in the UK, and we’re a pioneering city when it comes to food. By building momentum behind this campaign, we can support and inspire one another, and encourage others to be #BristolFoodKind. Together, we can emerge from this crisis with a food community even stronger than it was before.

Starting Wednesday 13th May at 8pm, Bristol Food Network will be hosting #BristolFoodKind online film screenings. The first film is ‘In Our Hands: Seeding Change’ a story of hope and inspiration about farmers and food workers.

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