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Bristol-based ‘All About The Cooks’ expands across the UK

By Claire Ladkin

Our latest story is an update by Claire Ladkin from All About the Cooks, a marketplace website that allows talented home-cooks to sell their food to local people in Bristol and now in the rest of the UK. Find out how you can find real food made by local people near you.

I’m thrilled to announce that home-cooks across the United Kingdom can now share their culinary creations with their communities on All About The Cooks as we extend our services nationwide. 

Following a successful launch in Bristol, we’ve witnessed an enthusiastic response from people keen to purchase homemade food made by local people. Now, we’re making our platform accessible throughout the UK. 

Often compared to “Etsy for food,” All About The Cooks enables talented home-cooks to sell their dishes and bakes to people who live near them. I launched the business in 2021 to provide passionate cooks with a way to make money from their talent, in a way that fits in with the rest of their lives.  

Following our nomination in the 2023 BBC Food & Farming Awards ‘Community Food Champion’ category – and a feature on live television in BBC Morning Live – we’ve seen an increase in demand from people wanting to join our marketplace all over the country and decided to make it available to all.

Being on All About The Cook is like having your own website. Our cooks send their customers to their page to choose, order and pay for their food. They have everything they need all in one place. No more back and forth on social media, WhatsApp groups and so on, or chasing up payments.

We’re looking for aspiring cooks of all backgrounds to join the platform and turn their passion for cooking into something more. Whether they are aiming for extra income to navigate the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, or want to pursue a full-fledged livelihood, we accommodate various aspirations and commitments.  

Home-cooks like Melissa, who spent 20 years in hospitality before setting up her own food business, Salha balancing cooking Sudanese dishes with caring for her four children, and Mrunal, an Aerospace engineer selling family-inspired Indian curries as a side hustle, showcase our ethos and enrich their communities with their unique dishes. 

The process to start is straightforward: people sign up on the All About The Cooks website, where they receive guidance on setting up their virtual storefronts and meeting the necessary food hygiene requirements. From helping cooks to find their first customers to managing orders and payments, we simplify the entire selling process. 

Membership is free and we only take a small commission from orders. New members enjoy a two-month commission-free period to get used to the website’s features and functionalities. By joining, home-cooks can focus more on their craft and less on administrative tasks, while also gaining access to a supportive community of fellow cooks, and valuable marketing resources and tips to boost their businesses. 

If you like what we do, you can join All About The Cooks on allaboutthecooks.co.uk/become-a-cook

Whatever your food dream is, you can take the first step to start your food business today.  Sell your food in a way that fits around your life and be part of the movement to revolutionise the way we eat at home!

Or maybe you can recommend a friend? We all know someone who’s great at cooking something, right? They probably get told “Your food is SO good, you should sell it!”. Then, it might be worth forwarding them this article with a few words of encouragement. A little nudge is sometimes all it takes. They’ll be so pleased you helped them take the first steps towards their food dream. Thank you for your help!

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